Bruc is a renewable energy generation company that currently has photovoltaic and wind power assets in Spain and Japan, with a secured portfolio of more than 8,000 MW in operation, construction and development.

Bruc aims to originate investment opportunities with attractive returns, generating value for its shareholders and investors through a disciplined approach of selective investment.


Bruc’s principal shareholders are OPTrust, USS and Interogo.

Vision, mission and values

Bruc believes that an energy transition to a decarbonized economy is urgently required. Part of this transition relies on the development of clean energy, whose contribution to countries’ energy systems must be increasing.


Bruc assumes a leading role in the energy transition through the generation of 100% renewable energy, while contributing to the protection of the environment and social welfare.


Bruc’s mission is to generate attractive investment opportunities in the field of renewable energies with the aim of contributing to the sustainability of energy supply systems and substantially reducing their environmental impact.

Renewable Energies

This industry is the future of electricity generation, with a mission to achieve the transition towards a clean and sustainable economy. It is a fast-growing market, with constant technological improvements and investments in innovation.


Bruc is managing solar photovoltaic and wind power assets under development, construction and operation, both in Spain and Japan, with more than 8.646MW and 80MW respectively.

Investment Locations

Bruc is currently managing investments in Spain and Japan and is able to invest across OECD countries. Outside the OECD, Bruc can selectively invest in other countries in Europe, Central America and South America.

Value Creation

Bruc has a multidisciplinary team with a combination of development, technical industrial knowledge and financial capabilities that promote the creation of attractive investments opportunities for its investors.

We currently have under management:


Megawatts (MW)